If you are new to the Sacramento Golf Club, this page is a great resource for the questions that are most frequently asked about membership for the club.

Q: Do we get a free round of tournament golf when we buy a Sacramento Golf Club Membership?
A: Yes, the free round is good for any Sacramento Golf Club tournament event.

Q: Can I use my free round with any round of golf I play at the Alister Mackenzie or Arcade Creek courses?
A: No, the round of golf is for your first round of play at any Sacramento Golf Club Tournament.

Q: Where can I buy my membership?
A: Memberships can be purchased at the Haggin Oaks Pro Shop and online at the Sacramento Golf Club website http://www.sacgolfclub.com/membership/.

Q: Can I get the membership discount if I am not a member now?
A: Yes, the discount is available all the month of December, until January 14th.

Q: If I have never played in a tournament, should I be worried about joining players that are too good for my level of play?
A: No, the Sacramento Golf Club is there to help you enjoy your games. Our tournament schedule includes many fun formats. We have all levels of golfers from beginners to low handicappers. The tournaments are there to provide social golf opportunities for all levels of golf play.

Q: If I am a low handicapper will I be welcome to play with players with a higher handicap?
A: Yes, along with our “fun” tournament we have some tournaments that the better golfers will be able to play with others like themselves.  The Sacramento Golf Club has many single digit golfers.

Q: What if I don’t know anyone in the Club but I still want to play?
A: The majority of our members are local residents, local business people and some are retired; you will find that you will fit in easily.

Q: When would my membership start?
A: It starts as soon as your membership fee is paid. You can start enjoying your golf benefits right away.

Q: After my free round, how much will it cost me to play in a tournament?
A: The tournament rounds will be charged the same as the standard play rate (with your Play Card discount).

Q: Can a non-member play with me in a tournament?
A: Yes, we do allow non-members with a NCGA Handicap to play in one event per year without being a member of the SGC.  We hope they have so much fun, they join the SGC.  In addition, we have a member-guest tournament each spring.

Q: If I am new to the Sacramento area, how do I become more familiar with Haggin Oaks?
A: New members may request a short orientation meeting with our Membership Director or request additional information as needed.

Q: Why should I join the Sacramento Golf Club?
A: The Sacramento Golf Club fee includes a West Coast Golf Value Book ($39.95 value),  the Haggin Oaks Play Card which is good for discounts on every round you play at Haggin Oaks, Bartley Cavanaugh, Bing Maloney, and William Land golf courses and other great benefits.

Q: What does the Haggin Oaks Golf Course have to offer a prospective member?
A: Lots! We have 36 holes of championship golf, the nationally ranked Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop for your golf needs, a golf practice range with automatic tees, 3 practice putting greens, a newly opened FootGolf course, a 9-hole putting course, a Player Performance Studio to help you improve your game, 15 PGA and LPGA certified teaching golf professionals, and the friendliest people around to help with your every need. And you can rent any of 3 Academy Holes to get your short game sharpened.

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Doug Cumming

    Last time I checked with you folks about joining what was then the “men’s club”, seemingly now reconstituted in this manner since it’s what came up when I googled “Haggin Oaks Men’s Club”, I was told, in effect, you don’t follow what seems to be the officially endorsed policy of the course in general of “tee it forward.” Specifically, I was informed “in exceptional circumstances” it “might” be possible to play what are now the 2 oak (then I believe “green”) tees. When I opined that there probably were a number of members who don’t AVERAGE (emphasis deliberately added, not “I can get it out there 230” (but left unstated, that’s one in fifty) 200 off the tee are advised by the guidelines included in the course’s own scorecard to play the 2 oak tees, the response was, there are a number of our men’s club members who don’t hit the ball as far as you indicated who are fine playing the whites. I would estimate that, although the difference in the course handicap calculator for me between the 2 and 3 oak tees is two strokes, the real difference is about 8, taking into account a stroke for holes with a realistic chance to reach in regulation from the 2 but not the 3 as one and others where neither is likely but with one, two or three decent shots as the case may be I’m in a position to hit a short pitch or long chip vs. a full shot as 1/2 stroke per hole. Given the ongoing more enlightened thinking along these lines since my last conversation on this subject a few years ago, is it possible to join the club and play in tournaments from the 2 oak tees without having to seek a special exemption based on having “exceptional circumstances?” I would think, as a leader in the tee it forward campaign in this area, the NCGA affiliated club at the course would want to be in the vanguard in this respect. Thanks for your consideration of the forgoing.

    • Morton Golf

      Thank you for sharing your opinion on the Sacramento Golf Club, and the tees played for each event. Over many years, we have been playing the 3 oak tees for events (for the men) and the 2 oak tees for the same events (for women). The members playing in the events have really enjoyed this approach. I think your suggestion is to allow players to play from multiple sets of tees and compete in the same event (like we do with men and women). We will consider this among our advisory board, as I believe it is a good question. We meet quarterly, and I will make sure it is on our agenda for the next meeting to discuss this idea.

      If I am misinterpreting your suggestion, please feel free to call me

      Thank you,

      Mike Woods

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