Here is the current monthly membership roster for the Sacramento Golf Club, complete with the NCGA Index and the Sacramento Golf Club (SGC) Index.  For players with Sacramento Golf Club tournament history, the SGC Index is derived from the lowest 5 scores in SGC tournament play.  For club competition, the lower of the NCGA index or the SGC index is used.  For players without a history of playing in Sacramento Golf Club tournaments, the NCGA index is used.

Please note that this roster will be updated on or shortly after the 1st and 15th of each month after the NCGA handicap revisions come out.

Click HERE for Roster

One thought on “Membership Roster

  1. timothy king

    the last few times I’ve tried to post a score here, I was unable to. the “post score” link was not shown. I will post scores on the USGA website.

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