Haggin MacKenzie Sign2The Sacramento Golf Club is continuing our effort to ensure that our tournaments are fairly competed and equitably administered for all players.  The Club Handicap Index is that which results from club tournament play only. The NCGA Handicap Index is based on all recorded play.  If club tournament scores are consistently lower than general play scores, our process examines the differences and the number of scores involved (sample size) and computes an adjusted club index that is equal to or smaller than the NCGA index, depending on the number of tournament scores involved.

All applicable tournament scores will be posted (to GHIN) by the Club Handicapper.   Applicable scores do not include scores from scrambles, mulligan tournaments, etc.  Members should NOT post SGC Tournament/Event scores themselves.

For details on the process see Handicapping Process for the Sacramento Golf Club

If you have any questions about the process, please contact Benson Won.  We hope our handicapping process will provide for an equitable and enjoyable tournament experience for all.