You may register for a club event the following ways:

  1. Online –  Click on Schedule; click on the event; complete the registration form and click submit.
  2. By email  – For midweek events:  OR

There will be a $10 prize fund for each tournament which will be collected when green fees are paid at the Pro Shop the day of the event.  (For NCGA qualifying events, there will be an additional $10 fee for those wanting to qualify.)

2 thoughts on “Event Registration Procedures

  1. tim King

    would like to register for the “shamble”, 7-18-15.
    when I click on the event as instructed, the registration for does not appear.

    • ldelong

      Tim – I don’t know if you received a reply from anyone and I apologize this took so long, but I just saw it. Just an FYI – the registration form drops off the event page after the deadline which is one week prior to the event. After the deadline you can check with Charlie Cheung at Haggin Oaks to see if any spots are left, but that’s a fill-in basis only. Linda DeLong

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